Rock & Reilly’s Doing The Sunset Strip Right

The Infatuation website decided it was time to make a list with what’s right on the Strip. Rock & Reilly’s was there.

The Sunset Strip needs no introduction. It is, after all, one of the most infamous stretches of pavement in the entire world. Stretching roughly from Crescent Heights to Doheny, this mile and a half conglomeration of bars and restaurants and hotels and music venues defines this city more than anything else. Frankly put, it’s a complete sh*show.

And though its days as the American rock n’ roll epicenter are sadly long gone, The Strip still lives up to it’s debaucherous billing. Except nowadays, most of it all sucks. However, for every overpriced rooftop restaurant or dumb club you just waited two hours in line to get turned away from, there’s a fantastic spot up the block ready for your night of mayhem. So put on your fancy shoes and get ready to throw down. Here’s how you do the Sunset Strip right. Rock & Reilly’s is number 11 on their list:

Rock & Reilly’s Irish Pub

8911 W Sunset Blvd

Just when you think you’ve got The Strip figured out, Rock N’ Reilly’s delivers the somehow always fun Irish pub vibes and saves your night. This is where you go when you’re completely done waiting in line at Skybar and some Euro-bro just asked you how much an Uber is to The Bellagio. Time for some whiskey shots, fish and chips, and a little back patio that gets wild in a hurry.

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