Urban Daddy Gives Us A Great Look At Rock & Reilly’s NYC

For Sports and Other Times of Drink

A Big Irish Rooftop Bar near MSG

Once in a while, you’ve just got to embrace your fate, go to the most densely populated part of town and drink some whiskey while watching the Rangers/Mets/Yankees/Not Knicks or Nets.

For those times, there’s this…

Rock & Reilly’s, a big Irish sports bar, with a rooftop-ish patio, near MSG. It comes to us from the city of Los Angeles, population: 3.9 million, and it’s open now.

That kind of says it all, so let’s see the rooftop, the televisions, an impressive tomahawk ribeye, an ice cream sandwich on a donut and so on…

(above) The Tomahawk Ribeye
(above) The Brick Chicken
(above) You can never go wrong with that burger!
(above) Ice Cream Sandwich
(above) When Doves Cry
(above) Rock & Rye Smash
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