Reilly’s Hooch

Reilly’s mothers milk whiskey, pavan liqueur, infused w/pear, apple, orange, lemon, white cranberry & pineapple juice
The Ginger Bitch

Reilly’s mothers milk whiskey, fresh lemon, apple pie shine, cranberry, ginger ale, fresh basil & orange twist garnish
Irish Mule

Reilly’s mothers milk whiskey, Bundaberg ginger beer & lime wedge
Rock and Veev

Reilly’s mothers milk whiskey, veev liqueur, grenadine, lemonade & brandied cherry garnish

Spicy Slapper

Svedka Clementine, muddled watermelon & jalapeno, fresh lime, top cranberry & soda, watermelon & lime twist garnish
Smuggler’s Bounty

Svedka citron, muddled strawberry & fresh mint, fresh lemon, orange, cranberry, splash of champagne, strawberry & lemon twist garnish

Rock and Rodriguez

Casamigos Blanco, muddled jalapeno, agave nectar, pineapple juice topped with a squeeze of lime

Brilliantly Designed Flights of Grog

The half and halves

The shandygaff

The mutations


Reilly Taps

Bottled beer

Rotating Taps




Showcasing Reilly’s favorite Irish nectars ½ oz. each

The Belfast Firm

The notorious 12s

The strummer side

Reilly’s Private Reserve




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