Eye Patch Punch

Pyrat rum, pineapple, fresh lime, apricot & dash of bitters

The Ginger Bitch

Reilly’s Ginger whiskey, fresh lemon, apple pie ‘shine, cranberry, ginger ale, fresh basil & orange twist garnish

Not Your Mother’s Mule

Reilly’s Mother’s Milk whiskey, fresh lemon, ginger beer & cardamom bitters

Spicy Slapper

Tito’s vodka, muddled watermelon & jalapeño, fresh lime, top cranberry & soda, watermelon & lime twist garnish

Father O’Reilly

Ultimat vodka, St. Germaine, fresh lime, cucumber, mint, lavender

ROCA Rodriquez

Patron ROCA Silver, muddled jalapeño, agave nectar, pineapple juice, topped with squeeze of lime

Smoke Show

El Silencio Mezcal, fresh lime, hibiscus, hawaiian volcanic salt

You Betta’ Reposent

Patron Reposado Barrel Select, coconut, polite as f bitters, toasted orange

brilliantly designed flights of grog

The Shandygaff


The Half and Halves


The Mutations


Reilly Taps

Bottled Beer

Rotating Taps

$10 by the glass
$42 by the bottle



showcasing reilly’s favorite irish nectars
½ oz. each

The Belfast Firm


The Notorious 12s


The Strummer


Reilly’s Private


Reilly’s Mother’s Milk Whiskey: $10
Reilly’s Ginger Whiskey: $10


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